Scarf finished!!!! (ATLAST!!!!!!)

Feel so happy that I finished the scarf I was crocheting for my Grandpa (please see Here are the pictures for the completed version. Sorry couldn’t click it onย  a model…Wanted to click a pic with Grandpa wearing it, but forgot it in a hurry to reach somewhere else. WP_20140919_21_33_35_Pro Muthassan_Muffler_Pattern1 Muthassan_Muffler He was soooo happy to receive it. He wore it around his neck for almost half an hour in the burning summer heat!!!!!! We too felt very good about it. Love you Gramps!!!

Proud of you, Advitheeya!

My son did me proud again.

He crocheted for himself a pair of chocolate brown fingerless gloves, his first ever crochet project!!!!!

Proud of you, Advitheeya.

Though he had to frog it a couple of times, he persisted and completed the pair in a day’s time. But sadly, when he was about to block it, the one he made last unraveled on its own! You could imagine how upset we were! He decided to let it go first, kept wearing the single glove for two days and then braved enough to give it another try. Started one this morning and around 10 AM, he is nearing the end of the second one!

He has tried his hand at painting, beading and quilling in the past, but this is his first ever try with crochet. His projects are posted in my Facebook page

Snaps of quilling are not posted any where because he gave away all that he made to my friends and his, even before I could take a photo!

Am waiting to see the finished product. His tension improved a lot and the piece looks marvelous.ย  A very good job for an 11 year old, I should admit.

Will post the picture when he has done with the crocheting. Can’t wait till he blocks the piece ๐Ÿ˜‰ !!!

A very busy week end! Began crocheting a new scarf!!!! (pattern included)

Had a very busy week end, unlike many other weeks after we relocated to this part of the country.

Visited a friend almost 50 km away. The drive was good as we started early. Had break fast in the car! We all loved the drive.

Though the trip was planned to span the entire week end, had to change plans and cut it short. Not much crochet on Saturday!

Well, made up the loss on Sunday, though.

Progressing slowly (so slowly that my son is not very happy about the pace as the end product is meant for him!) with the Chocolate Basket (from my first post).IMG_20140914_192315[1]… and started a new scarf for my Grandpa for his birthday.

The picture is not very clear due to the lighting :(. ย  Will post a better picture when the scarf is finished.

It is a very easy project, the pattern is as follows:

You could use any yarn of your choice and a hook to match the yarn you use. I used Vardhman Rabbit Excel (DK weight) and a 5.0 mm hook. My scarf is 8 inches wide.)

You should know how to chain (Ch), do a SC (Single Crochet) and Double Crochet (DC).

Chain 34 (30 chains+4). [You could chain a multiple of 2 for starting chain and 4 chains at the end to count as the first DC.]

DC in fourth chain from hook,ย  Ch 1, DC in the third foundation chain, Ch 1, DC in fifth foundation chain and so on till the end of the row. You will end the row with a DC. Ch 2 and turn.

Next row is the SC (Single Crochet) row. 1SC on the DC in the first row, 1 chain, continue till end of row. Chain 4, turn.

DC in first SC of Row 2, Chain 1, continue thus till end of row.

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 till the scarf is as long as you desire. Fasten off. [Mine is not long enough to fasten of….Might add a trim once the scarf is long enough.]

PS: Keep counting the number of stitches. I ended up with extra stitches and saw my scarf “grow sideways”!!! Had to RIP IT RIP IT RIP IT for almost 8 rows!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Do give this a try and please correct me if there are any errors in the pattern.

First ever post on Crochet

Though I crochet a bit, I am not among those fortunate people who come from a family of crocheters, with mother, a granny or an aunty to teach how to work with the hook.

I started crocheting almost 20 years back. A friend introduced me to Double Crochet. This pretty much was the only stitch she knew. The lack of teachers and the unavailability of materials to pursue this craft made it almost an ‘UN-do-able’ one for a person like me.

All this happened while I was doing college. After college, marriage and the birth of my son, who is now 11 years, I moved to a place to the northern part of India where I am a home maker, with the Net to teach me and with ample resources including my husband’s encouragement and my son’s wish list to keep me going with this craft I adore.

In addition to trying out the patterns I find on various crochet sites, I try my hand at designing projects.

Find this very satisfying and fulfilling.

Right now I am working on a sweater which my son wanted. I call it the Chocolate Basket, for it is made of Chocolate coloured yarn and is stitched in Basket weave crochet stitch. Will post pictures when it is ready.

Hope to publish my free pattern for my Chocolate Basket Sweater, Scarf and Beanie soon.